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Could YOU last 30 minutes longer in bed with 5HTP? Maybe, maybe not. BUT here's how to avoid ruining her night and perform like a real man

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Could 5-htp make you a sex-machine? Find out... 

The situation in the bedrooms are not good,

... a study by University of Chicago has found that the dissatisfation is driving more women to cheat.

She wants good performance in bed!

But most of us have low stamina. In a survey almost 75% of men revealed they want more sexual stamina.

I know the humiliation because I'd severe Premature Ejaculation (PE) myself till a few years back (in a moment I'll tell you how I buried my PE).

And I have done over 300 hours of research to test and prepare the tactics you'll find on this page without lifting a finger.


So the critical question you have: Is 5-HTP really the answer to delay your ejaculation?

May be. May be not.

5-HTP is touted as a Natural supplement, or a Herbal alternative.

But does it work? AND how?

Here I'll reveal techniques for an amazing and wild bedroom performance that she rips her clothes off, and beg you to make sex again and again.

You and I both know very well that if you disappoint her... she will be frustrated again... later I'll also reveal how I give wonderful performance each time...

But first make sure you read every word here because secrets to longer sex lie on this very page...

1. Why you MUST take natural supplements, NOT anti-depressants?

Simply because it doesn't involve any needling with your brain-chemistry. 

Natural supplements are herbal and slow working but they don't mess up your brain.

Anti-depressants or the prescription pills (SSRIs) are dangreous if take in the long term.

Sooner or later people end up as a libido-less, unemotional, twitching, depressed, screwed zombies who can't sleep at night.

You don't want that, right?

Do a google search and see the horrible side-effects of anti-depressants yourself! Or, probably you know it, that's why you're here. 

But do the herbal solution REALLY work?

Well, in a study, a herbal supplement improved premature ejaculation by mind-blowing 64%! So it works. I'll tell you more about this particular supplement in a moment.

Another benefit of herbal pills is that you feel more energetic and active.

So, couples are enjoying its benefits . And you can take its benefits too.

2. What Is Serotonin? And Why YOU Need It?

Serotonin (a neurotransmitter) makes you last longer. GOOD NEWS:

It's scientifically established that Serotonin makes men last longer in bed -- because of the success of SSRIs (study link, open in a new tab).


Our bodies can't take serotonin from food


There's a big MYTH over internet that eating some 'foods' rich in Serotonin can delay ejaculation.

For example, bananas or turkey are rich in serotonin. But our bodies can't absorb that serotonin. 

But that doesn't mean you should not take Bananas etc. They give vital minerals and vitamins.

Here's why?

Various studies (study link) show that there are blood-barriers in our bodies which 'food serotonin' is not able to cross. So eating turkeys or bananas won't make you a sex champ.


Yeah, that's Mother Nature designing our bodies. 

Probably, for our bodies, other ingrediants are more important than Serotonin.

Don't worry, because Mother Nature has some hacks too. And I'll share them.

3. How To Get More Serotonin - Safely (Without SSRIs)?

I too hate chemistry class but here the sexy equation that gives longer sex:

Tryptophan → 5-HTP → Serotonin → longer sex

So logically when you take 5-HTP (It's a step closer, so better) you'll get more sex. Fair enough?


BAD NEWS (last one, promise):

More 5-HTP doesn't always mean more sexual fun.


UNFORTUNATELY like 'food serotonin', even the Tryptophan or 5-HTP rich foods are NOT able to cross the "blood-barrier" and reach the brain.

Cold day in hell.


"So, what the heck will cross this brutual "blood-barrier" and make you last longer?"

Before you send someone to chop my fingers off, I'll tell you the solution.


The answer: (pray for a miracle) 



A pill.


Yes, A pill packed with 5-HTP (and other nutrients) when taken on 'empty stomach' overcome the blood-barrier and hit the jackpot. 


Why 'empty stomach'?


Because then your body can't ignore the 'gold'. Serotonin is afterall the 'feel good hormone.'


4. BUT is 5-HTP Safe?

5-HTP is extrated from the seeds of a medicinal plant, 'Griffonia Simplicifolia' (I call it gold).


Just like babies can't be downloaded, 5-HTP CANNOT be manufactured in labs (it's extracted). 


Herbs can't be grown in labs, it needs long-term investment in farm and proper accredited labs. But fly-by-night companies are not interested in all that.

'Gold' always attract gold-diggers, and fraudsters.

Contamination with toxic metals and dangreous drugs are rampant. Various health agencies including FDA advises caution in its use.

Fraudsters add rice fillers to pills, WITHOUT ANY 5-HTP, and

...greedy companies DILUTE the 5-HTP contents in a pill.

NEVER support them by buying unproven products.

There is no way you can FIND THEM AND SHUT THEIR SHOPS.

AND you can NOT take overdose because it can be brutual, maybe even poisnous.


(I'll tell you a way out in a moment).

Many doctors like DoctorOz suggest 5-htp should be taken up to - 3 to 4 months.

5. Best Dosage for 5-htp supplements?

Please consult your doctor.

Start with low dose like 50 gm, once or thrice a day. Initially you can take it 4-5 times a week, on empty stomach.

Gradually you may increase the dose to 150-300 MG, but don't forget to consult your doctor. (Don't take double dose.).

After 3-4 months give 1-2 months break and then you can start again.

But here is one crucial fact...

Taken alone 5-HTP is going to go down the flush...

You need something more alongwith 5HTP to get any real performance in bed!


The sexy equation I showed you earlier is way too complex. It needs enzymes and minerals and M-O-R-E.

6. 5-HTP + minerals + some secret ingrediants = 'magical potion'?

Well bio-chemistry in our bodies are complex...

Rest assured poping a 5-htp pill is not enough.

You need Vitamins specially B-complex and Zinc alongwith 5-HTP.

Additionally a side-effect of 5-htp is loss of libido and frequent loss in erections. So we need something to overcome this side-effect.

So alongwith 5-HTP you'll need 'some aphrodisiac' that enhances your libido, helps more blood-flow to penis and helps you maintain good hard erection. Right?

So what it takes to make a love potion?

1) 5- HTP (or something that brings similar effect - more in a moment),
2) Vitamins and Minerals (specially B-complex and Zinc)
3) Libido and erection enhancers (not Viagra)
4) Melatonin (it helps in delaying ejeculation and for good night sleep because 5HTP won't let you sleep).

A quick note for Melatonin: Recent research has found that this hormone helps delay ejaculation. A higher dose isn't good because you might get soothing sleep.

A particular pill that I'll tell you about later has its miniscule quantity.

What do you say? Want to add more? 

WARNING: Ordinarily available 5-HTP bottles don't have above mentioned ingrediants. Because they are 'mood enhancers'.

You might frustrate, juggling between 4-5 pills in unknown doses.

That means you may flop in bedroom and never see her sexy ass again.

But there is an easy way out.

Instead of experimentation, I recommend a simple way out and that's all what you need.

And the way is to take supplements. I could find only supplements which fit the bill for my requirement. One supplement has 5-HTP, do not take it for more than 3 months and a doctor's consultation.

And other one is without 5-HTP, but the thing is it has same natural effect, so it can be taken for longer periods of time. For starters, a study in American Journal of Therapeutics found that it improved PE by 64%.

And side-effects?

None. No major side-effect seen till date.

7. How to buy a good herbal pill -- that works?

By NOT throwing a penny on diluted pills, which are nothing more than rice pills.

I am going to suggest only 2 pills which are proudly made in American labs, FDA-compliant, ISO accredited facility. And they are:

Prosolution Plus and Climaxagen.


Comparatively I prefer Prosolution Plus, which is also recommended by Dr. Dave David, MD (a leading sex researcher), and it works.

I like it because it lacks active 5-HTP so no problem in taking it.

All the ingredients tested for perfect blend and quantity. In fact, a study, published in a medical journal American Journal of Therapeutics (18, 162-169, 2011) found that ProsolutionPlus delayed ejaculation by 64%.

The best thing about ProsolutionPlus: you can even have it for long term (discount available). No dosage worry. No side-effect worry. It's safe and effective.

It's slightly pricey, but all good things are... but the investment is worth it.

8. A common mistake most men make

A pill is not the best answer to a problem.

If it's sex then definitely not. Because it kills the spontenous mood. I don't recommend it for the long term. It's also an ongoing cost.

What I highly recommend is that you learn some shockingly simple techniques to last longer in bed.

Take pills for 5-6 months. And get the amazing sex skill, it's really like driving a car.

I myself use just 3 simple steps to last up to 30 minutes, without lifting a finger. And many of my students have learned the skills quickly.

If the coach is good, you can easily get it.

So start a good program and get the techniques today and perform better in bed by tonight.

Final words

Herbal supplement is a proven way to the amazing sex, she deeply wish.

You need to take the ISO accredited pills only.

The cost of good pills like Prosolution Plus are less than a dollar a day.

Here's an idea to afford these pills:

Stop buying useless flowers or expensive gifts or dinner in 3-star hotels. They might make her smile for a moment.
To make her real happy and twitch in pleasure, pop these pills, then take her to a secluded place, or your bedroom and enjoy the hell out of her.
Next day, you'll watch her smile for whole day, and she'll be lively like a butterfly. And then she'll be back for more action. 

Recommended Resource:

Get Prosolution Plus NOW

Have fun,

About the Author: Kris Lovelock is an ex-banker, blogger, author, researcher and a happy husband.

Overcoming his PE, now he masterfully teaches other couples and men, to last longer in bed.

Get the best chapters of his breakthrough 3-Step to Lasting Longer Program for FREE

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