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Complete Guide to 5-HTP For Premature Ejaculation: Does it REALLY Work?

by Kris Lovelock

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Could 5-htp make you last 30-minutes longer? 

Bizarre? Serotonin (or 5-htp) and Premature Ejaculation (PE) are thick as thieves...

But if you don't take care of certain things they can be at each other's throats... 

Can 5-HTP make you blow her mind & create insane sparks of orgasmic bliss?

When I was struggling to get a grip on PE, I came across a promising stuff called 5-HTP...

I ordered it online and took a pill before sex to test it... 

The hot chick could barely keep up with my full throttle speed, and I probably lasted for maybe about 20-25 minutes longer in bed...


I thought I finally found the missing ingredient! I'm an UNSTOPPABLE P0rnstar now...

NOPES. Turns out I was WRONG! :)

Later a severe headache struck and I swear never to take them again (I actually took overdose)...

Then I turned into a junkie mixing stuffs, overdosing but I rarely got great results... so now my philosophy has become much more sane...

But having said that 5-HTP or Serotonin is something you MUST MUST explore, as I do (even though I've now cured my PE).

Because it's incredibly important for you (and me) to beat PE....

Still there is so much confusion and I've given here the treasure map for you to discover this gem so that you can last longer in bed...

1. Why you MUST take natural supplements but NOT anti-depressants?

Now this is a big question.

Serotonin makes men last longer in bed (study link, opens in a new tab).

But serotonin and SSRIs are still a mystery. And not everything is known about them.

And yet for some people more Serotonin is not the fix... most people actually need a balance between Serotonin and Dopamine. And that's why this article :)

Now maybe you're taking anti-depressant pills or some other drug that's freaking your brain and you want to get rid of it ASAP.

Well good thing is natural supplements don't play havoc with your brain-chemistry. 

Although they're slow at work. But hey, at least you don't end up like a zombie!

And it's a fact: some natural herbs could be as effective as medicines... but the Big Pharma and its greed, doesn't allow these things to come in the mainstream.

Books have been written about it, but let's move on...

But do herbal pills REALLY work?

Well, in a study, a herbal supplement improved premature ejaculation by mind-blowing 64%!

So they WORK! (And I personally take them)

I'll tell you more about this particular supplement in a moment.

But before you rush to binge on serotonin-rich food... here's some bad news...

2. The CURSE on Serotonin!

So many people started recommending that you should eat serotonin-rich food to last longer!

This has been proven WRONG... because...


We can't absorb serotonin from food


There's a big MYTH that serotonin-rich foods like bananas or turkey can delay ejaculation. 

(But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take them. They give vital nutrients equally important for sex.)

Here's why...

Various studies have found that there are blood-barriers in our bodies which 'food serotonin' is not able to cross

Hence eating turkeys or bananas won't help you in bed.

But 'Mother Nature' has some hacks to put serotonin in your brain and I'll tell you that!

3. How to plow ENOUGH serotonin in your system?

I hate chemistry class but here's a sexy equation for you:

Tryptophan → 5-HTP → Serotonin → longer sex

Now we can't directly take serotonin... but we can take 5-htp! And INDIRECTLY generate serotonin and more staying power!

But then EVEN 5-HTP can't cross the blood barrier! 

Now an obvious question you've is:

"So, what the HECK will cross this f*cking 'blood-barrier' and make me last longer?"

Before you send someone to chop my fingers off for teasing you, I'll reveal the solution.


The answer: (pray for a miracle) 



A pill.

Yes, a pill packed with 5-HTP (and other catalysts) when taken on 'empty stomach' overcome the blood-barrier to provide you the serotonin! 


ALERT: Research has revealed that high quantity of serotonin isn't always good and it can even be toxic! 

The key is in the BALANCE! And these days I concentrate on balance...

4. BUT 5-HTP is a double-edegd sword!

5-HTP is extrated from the seeds of a medicinal plant, 'Griffonia Simplicifolia'.

It CAN'T be manufactured in labs.

So it's weight is worth in gold, considering there's a hugh demand from medical industry.

And fly-by-night companies interested in making quick buck have come up. Contamination of toxic metals and dangreous drugs are RAMPANT.

According to a report by NYPost, fraudsters add rice fillers, or DILUTE the contents in pills.

All that means is you never get full dose of 5-HTP or worse fraudsters contaminate it with chemicals, giving you a hard time!

AND you CAN'T take overdose because it can be brutual, maybe even poisonous.


The key is the age-old trick: BALANCE... more in a moment.

5. Best Dosage for 5-htp supplements?

It's always a good idea to consult your doctor first if you're on a medication.

But here's something I've found. 

Start with a low dose like 50 gm, once or thrice a day. Initially you can take it 4-5 times a week, on empty stomach.

Gradually you may increase the dose to 150-300 MG, but NEVER take double dose.

and here's a crucial fact...

Taken alone 5-HTP is likely to go down the flush...

Because you need some catalysts alongwith 5HTP to improve sex performance!


The sexy equation I showed you earlier is way too complex.

6. Home-made world's most POTENT potion

You need Vitamins specially B-complex and Zinc alongwith 5-HTP.

Additionally a side-effect of 5-htp is loss of libido and frequent loss in erections. So we need something to overcome this side-effect too.

Hence, alongwith 5-HTP you need aphrodisiac, to help maintain a hard erection.


So here's what we need:

1) 5- HTP (or something that enhances Serotonin),
2) Vitamins and Minerals (specially B-complex and Zinc),
3) Libido enhancers,
4) Melatonin (for good night sleep because 5HTP won't let you sleep)
5) and some enzymes like Pyrodoxine HCL etc.

What do you say? Want to add more? 

NOTE: now I don't recommend you to experiment with these combinations because our bio-chemistry is way too complex and unique to write it out in an article.

And, local 5-HTP bottles don't have those ingrediants as they are 'mood enhancers'. In factt, you may not even need it!!!

Here's a fact you must know:

Often PE isn't because of the lack of Serotonin, but because of the excess of Dopamine!!

Dopamine is Serotonin's brother, and when it's excess in your body then you ejaculate early.

7. Is more Serotonin ALWAYS the answer to the PE problem?


The key is in the balance.

The problem of PE is very diverse. A 20-year-old guy has different biochemistry then a 40-year-old man.

And for this reason I don't recommend 5-HTP to everyone!

Here's the thing, if you take too much of Serotonin then you get erection problems, libido problems, emotional numbness... and dissatisfaction.

So instead of blindly going for more and more serotonin...

Research reveals balance is what you need :)

Here's a strategy that I recommend:

a) If you feel you've a depression problem (or slight tendency) -- then absolutely go for Serotonin enhancement (take 5HTP)

Otherwise, try to strike the balance between Serotonin and Dopamine.

b) If you've recently acquired PE, maybe due to stress or anxiety or mid-life crises etc. then you need balance.

c) If you feel PE is because of a masturbation habit then -- then you need to strike a balance.

So I see only one situation where you must take 5-HTP and that is if you've a depression (or a tendency).

Now you'll ask, "how do I strike this balance between Serotonin and Dopamine?"

I'll say, "naturally!"

After extensive research I found that one naturally-found substance that oozes out of the Himalayan rocks strikes this balance for you. This is NOT a herb.

This is a composition of 85 minerals and is found at an altitude of 16,000 to 18,000 feet. It's used by body-builders and athletes.

This substance is Shilajit (Asphaltum).

Now this is not the anti-dote of PE.

To last longer and put up a great performance you need:
> a better libido (Tribulus terrestris),
> lower anxiety levels (Asparagus Adscendens),
> Stronger erections (Withania Somnifera),
> better performance (Curculigo Orchioides),

And I've found a supplement that has all the natural herbs and in a study improved PE by 64%. And feel good when you discover this supplement is packed with what you need.

Recommended supplements:

Relax we've 2 Made in America supplements, safe and original...

a) If you prefer to take 5-HTP then I recommend Climinax Ultra.

It has everything that you need to enhance serotonin... And you save $39.9 on 6 months supply.

b) If you prefer a BALANCE in hormones then I highly recommend Prosolution Plus 

It has every herb mentitioned and no long-term side-effect... except better and better sex performance. And a study, published in a medical journal American Journal of Therapeutics (18, 162-169, 2011) found that Prosolution Plus pills delayed ejaculation by 64%.

You save $409, on 1 year supply, and get bonuses worth $147  
(total saving: $556)

And you save $120, on 6 months supply, and get bonuses worth $137
(total saving: $257)

Comparatively prefer Prosolution Plus (has Shilajit), also recommended by Dr. Dave David, MD (a leading sex researcher), and it works.

Why I regularly take Supplements?

FACT is nowadays chemicals and stuffs have robbed us and they're everywhere... right from Chlorine and Selenium to pesticides.... these stuffs do affect your hormones and your healthy sex drive and libido.

I regularly take supplements and part of my better performance in bed comes from the energy and strength they provide.

It has immensly helped me in improving my productivity, my congnitive abilities... and my bedroom skills.

While you get ProsolutionPlus also discover that there's no side-effects. It's natural and it creates a balance of hormones in your body rather than pushing one hormone to peak which is what you want to avoid if you don't need it.

Like other low-cost natural therapies, it's available at reasonable cost considering ONE Viagra pill costs $15-$35 (with plenty of health side-effects).

Whereas ProsolutionPlus costs less $1 per day...

But let me add something...

8. How to go beyond hacking-hormones and perform outrageously better on bed

For most people PE is easily resolved by learning a few techniques.

As it was with me, you can last over 30 minutes alongwith creating a balance in hormones. This has now turned into a philosophy.

While hacking hormones can have long-term health implications... so I recommend you go for BALANCE.

So take it as per your own requirements and also solve the ejaculation-control problem once and for all.

Because learning natural techniques to last longer are easy and one-time solution... whereas pills have ongoing costs (unless you're taking them as supplements).

It's as easy as driving a car, so go here and learn how to last up to 30 minutes longer in bed


Herbal supplements are a proven way to a great sex life.

Take good pills, no contamination risk.

Think about creating balance in all hormones.

I always say...

Stop buying flowers or expensive gifts or dinners in 5-star restaurants. They might make her smile for a moment.

If you really want to make her happy then take a pill and enjoy the hell out of her.

And then she'll be back for more action. Go get her...

Recommended Resources:

Get Prosolution Plus: [UPGRADE] maintains balance, no side-effect (Recommended)

Climinax: 5-HTP supplement

3 Steps to Lasting Longer: for natural 30 minutes longer stamina (no ongoing cost)



About the Author: Kris Lovelock I started blogging when I was 'CURING' my PE. Today I've 'CURED' my PE. No heavens parted to give me inspiration... I could cure it following a proven method. And my health and relationship are getting better each day.

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