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5-HTP For Premature Ejaculation: Does it REALLY work? Don't buy until you read THIS review

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You might have heard from people raving about 5HTP in forums, websites, or newsgroups... 

And someone might have even suggested you to try "pot," "crack," "weed" or some other "magical potion" to f*ck like a sex machine for ONE hour

But that's stupid because today we've much better, cleaner and smarter options.

But the question lingers on your mind... Can 5HTP really help you to last longer in bed?

And how long will you be able to last? 10, 20, 30 minutes... or ONE hour? Really? Let me tell you this without any hesitation, as a so-called "premature ejaculator" I had to try it and I've found...

It works.


It really does NOT work... not for too long at least.

The real question is: why do people think it works for them? And what about the side-effects? Is there a better option?



How does 5-HTP work?

It's now a known fact that serotonin makes men last longer in bed (study link).

5-HTP creates more serotonin and hence it's effective. But the fact of the matter is serotonin hormone is still a mystery for scientists.

Then a question comes, why not eat serotonin-rich foods like banana to ensure we've adequate supply of serotonin?

And the answer flies, because our bodies can't absorb serotonin from food.

There are certain barriers in our bodies due to which it happens. And the ONLY (herbal) way to increase serotonin is when you take either 5HTP or Tryphtophan in pill form (or SSRIs). When you take pills, the concentration is high enough to breakthrough the barriers and reach the brain.

Initially, everything is like a walk in the park... but what about long-term?

And when you take it for too long, do you think there'll be no repercussions?

5HTP (SSRIs or anti-depressants) whack the brain chemistry out of order.

So while people who have been diagnosed with psychological disorders "try to go natural" by taking 5HTP pills I find no reason for you, as a healthy man, to take any of these pills especially because there're better options which I'm going to reveal later.

ALERT: Research has revealed that high quantity of serotonin isn't always good and can even be toxic. 

How 5-HTP is a double-edegd sword!

5-HTP is extrated from the seeds of a medicinal plant, 'Griffonia Simplicifolia'.

It CAN'T be manufactured in labs.

So it's weight is worth in gold, considering there's a hugh demand and limited supply. And fly-by-night companies try to make quick buck with contaminated (toxic metals and dangreous drugs) or diluted pills.

According to a report in New York Post, fraudsters adding rice fillers in pills is a rampant phenomenon.

You should NEVER take double dose as it can be toxic.

And here's another fact...

Taken alone 5-HTP is likely to go down the flush... because you need certain catalysts, minerals and compounds to improve sexual performance.

First off, if you're taking SSRIs or any medication then please consult your doctor before buying them.

You might have made plans for buying 5HTP then hold your horses as probably you may not need it...

Why you should NOT buy 5-HTP...?

First here're some side-effects:

Yes, it's true side-effects of 5-htp includes loss of libido, hunger and frequent loss in erections. Locally available 5HTP doesn't have anything to counter them so they are essentially burning money unless your doctor recommends it to you for other reason (severe depression, bipolar disorder or weight loss).

But that's not the main problem. You need a few things in addition to 5HTP for a good sexual performance:
But truth of the matter is if you want to take it for better sexual performance -- it does NOT work.

It'll make you feel good and as a side-effect you'll feel satisfied with sex... but then you lose you sex drive, mojo and eventually there's no long-term benefit.

NOTE: I don't recommend you experiment with combinations and permutations of pills for ONE reason... a better option is available.

Which is the best supplement for long lasting erection, mojo and staying power?

ProsolutionPlus Supplement

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Here's the thing: a study published in a medical journal American Journal of Therapeutics found that ProsolutionPlus pills delayed ejaculation by 64%.

This well-known natural supplement comes from an established manufacturer. 'Made in USA' (in a certified lab) so quality is good.

And what's more, the guy behind it is a well-respected M.D. & surgeon Dr. Dave David. He is a leading sex researcher, and has appeared hundreds of time on TIME, ABC, Fox, CNN and TV shows like "There's A Doctor in the House" etc. and had even been a treating physician to U.S. Olympic teams. And has published numerous studies and research papers in medical journals. The company has one of the best brains behind it.

And the same company is behind the well-known Prosolution male enhancement pill and gels so they have the best quality and results.

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How to go beyond hormone hacking

Playing with serotonin (or dopamine) is like playing with fire... going natural is better. And after resolving my "PE" by learning a few techniques I realized anyone can last longer while creating a balance in hormones.

So take it as per your needs and fix the stamina problem once and for all.

Because learning natural techniques to last longer are easy even though some people may have made it complicated... here's how I easily last longer with  3 steps to lasting longer in bed


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